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Map of Mertia

The province of Mertia dominates eastern Lath with its control of most westward trade.


While the country of Lath is a fairly large place, spanning the entire sub continent, most of the first book takes place along the costal regions of Mertia and Lomatia.

Mertia is by far the wealthiest province in Lath. It enjoys dozens of natural harbors, fertile farmland, and control over entrance to the two longest rivers in Lath: the Tiom and Ranta river. These two rivers go deep into the country, providing trade to many of the inland provinces. Controlling the entrances to these rivers from the ocean has given Mertia control over almost all of the inland trade from other countries. Trade is the key to Mertia’s wealth and what has led to most every other province having nonaggression treaties with Mertia.

Lomatia is another story. With a mostly rocky shore, it has few harbors and poor trade with the outside world. As such, it has often chosen to conquer and pillage instead of trade. It has a long history of developing weapons and is most known for its use of military strategy. At one point, it was the largest and most powerful province in Lath. It recent decades, however, it has suffered form internal strife, causing it to loose large sections of its territory to independence movements. Now it relies heavily on its wool and cotton exports to sustain itself. This does not mean it has lost all of its clout, though. Only a few years ago, Lomatia’s prince bullied one of its former territories, now the province of Angtwoo, into diverting an entire river from Mertia and forcing it to flow south into Lomatia. Though smaller, even today, no one wants to fight with Lomatia.

The two provinces have been at odds with each other for a long time. They have fought over land since before the king’s death, and it has only gotten worse over the years. A peace was negotiated about 17 years ago, but came to an abrupt end just 2 years later. Since then, the prince of Lomatia has blocked all trade with Mertia and promised to lock up any Mertia citizen found within his borders. While there are wild stories about him doing just that, none of them have been verified.