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Ziane always seems to have a book on her

Nicknames: Ziane
Age: 4 years
Gender: female
Species: miniature griffin

    Like most miniature griffins, Ziane is curious, cute, and could break your bones with her beak. She’s also protective of Kit and can get a bit jealous of others taking Kit’s attention. Like any loyal and true friend, Ziane will always tell Kit what she honestly thinks, even when it is not what Kit wants to hear. Someone has to tell Kit when she’s wrong, right?

Ziane’s love affair with books began early in life. As a chick, Kit would read to her often. When she got a little older, Ziane learned to read for herself and has never stopped. When the duo have down time, Ziane tends to pull out her latest book and read. In towns, she likes to drag Kit to book stores to trade in her current book for something new, often surprising the store owners that she can read. On more than one occasion, she has suggested to Kit that if they ever settle in a town somewhere, they should open a book store or library.

Quote: I don’t see what you’re so worked up about. I’m always naked.