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Pince JohnathanJohnathan Reince, Prince of Mertia

Nicknames: Johnny, but only Kit can get away with calling him this
Age: 15 years, almost 16
Gender: male
Species: human

    Though he is the rightful heir of the Mertia throne, Johnny has until now been too young to take over. His uncle has been sitting on the throne for the past 7 years while Johnny grew up and was tutored in the ways of running a province. Now that he is ready, he is quickly finding that transitioning power is no easy thing, especially when everyone seems to want you dead.

Being raised mostly isolated from people, including his own family, Johnny is a bit naive about the world. He has a lot on knowledge about taxes and politics, but very little about actual people. Since the first attempt on his life, Johnny has been prone to both rage and depression. Given his situation, it’s no surprise, but it does tend to distract him from getting down to the truth.

Despite the situation Johnny has found himself in, he does want to be a good ruler. Mertia has a long history of being affluent and powerful, and Johnny wants to keep it that way. At the very least, he wants to do a better job than his father.

Quote: I am the Prince of Mertia, and you would be wise to remember that.