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kit-profileKithryn Jayoce-Toullon

Nicknames: Kit
Age: 14 years
Gender: female
Species: hawk/snow leopard mythrin

   As Kit will happily tell you, she is perfect in every way. Except that her mouth keeps getting her into trouble. And she tends to go breaking and entering into the houses of nobles. Plus she can’t seem to keep from getting caught, and …

Ok, so maybe perfect isn’t the right word here.

Having lived just outside the law all of her life, Kit has become very anti-authority. As such, she tends to see herself as the great hero quietly undermining society by stealing. On some level, she knows her actions aren’t really having an impact, but it makes her feel better. Most of the time, she keeps to herself and tries to avoid trouble. Unfortunately, trouble has a way of finding her. Maybe it’s bad luck, maybe it’s fate, or maybe it’s her inability to keep her mouth shut or think through her actions. Ziane would say it’s the latter. She does have a good heart, though, and when put on the spot, tends to do the right thing.

Quote: Sometimes, I wish I could shoot daggers out of my eyes. It would be a great way of punishing those that say things I don’t like.