Kithryn Mythrin Book One: Magic, Mystics and Mayhem

Kithryn Mythrin Book One Cover


Kit has never been a hero. Heros attract too much attention and that might interfere with liberating jewels and money from other people’s pockets. Plus, being a mythrin makes it illegal for her to be wandering around, so it’s just easier to stay in the shadows.

That is, is was easier until she got mixed up in an assassination plot. Now she’s stuck playing protector to the 15 year old prince that everyone wants to kill except those that would benefit most from his death. Sure, she could abandon him, but Mertia is the one province she’s not wanted in. Can she really leave him to die and let the province descend into war?

Magic, mystics, and mayhem abound in this first Kithryn Mythrin adventure.

On Sale for 2.99 at You can also read a sample from chapter one right here on my website.